The Ocala Cycling Club promotes safe cycling. Our ride goal is to have disciplined and well organized rides and share the enjoyment of the road with other riders as well as the general public.

Ride Information

We currently have two rides with plans for more as we grow as a club. Rides are catagorized into groups. Groups are defined by speed and distance. ‘A’ groups are the fastest & longest, ‘B’ next and then followed by ‘C’.

Every group ride has to have a degree of compromise. One person’s hammerfest is another person’s recovery ride. Communication is absolutely critical to the success of all group rides. We have Ride Leaders who are there to try to maintain the quality of the ride but the best way to keep us all at our best is when we all communicate best ride practices. So if you see someone riding inappropriately i.e. overlapping wheels, surging off the front we all should say something. Be polite but make it known that that was not proper.

Our Saturday ride currently leaves from the downtown square across from Starbucks at 8:00 a.m. Ride classifications and posted rides are available on the Ride Calendar page.

Elite Level

The purpose of these rides are to maintain a very high level of fitness and endurance. The pace generally falls between 22 and 24 miles per hour on the flats and cruising speed may reach up to 23-26 miles per hour (with a tailwind, etc).

Riders will endeavor to stay together as a group for the majority of the ride. During the last hour, the riders will frequently increase the pace of the ride for training. During this last hour, the pace of the ride may exceed 24-26 mph. When this occurs the ride will frequently split into several groups and single riders may be left behind. When the group splits you cannot count on it reforming.

To attain these higher speeds in the last hour of the ride, the riders use several different pace line formations, including rotating pace lines and echelons; for the safety of the entire group, riders who are unfamiliar with the various rotating pace lines are encouraged to stay in the back of the peloton.

Marion County’s unique environment includes the rolling green fields of horse farms, the Ocala National Forest, and hills surrounding Lake Weir. With many options for challenging rides, the A-riders do not do the same course each weekend, and instead choose a different route each week. The group posting will try to include a link to a map of the route and details on the planned duration for each ride. Often there is a stop along the way, usually 30-50 miles into the longer route.

The pace will be slower when:

  • We go up hills
  • There is a strong headwind

The pace will be faster when:

  • We are going down a hill
  • There is a tailwind
  • All members of the group agree to go faster
  • During the last segment of the ride